January 30, 2011

Worship, Blessings, and Praise

Posted in Spirituality tagged , , , , , at 11:37 pm by Katie

It’s 11:30.  I should most definitely be sleeping.  Instead, I’ve got my worship Pandora station playing on my phone.  I just reread and journaled over things from Amy’s lesson and Dr. Lincoln’s sermon this morning.  I challenged myself to memorize two verses this week.  I committed to praying for specific people this week.  I smiled and praised God for the little things He’s blessed me with.  Things like:

  • 70 degree weather in January.
  • A roommate who will spend 15-30 minutes every Sunday afternoon swapping Sunday School and church stories and messages.
  • Opening my Bible to Philippians during Dr. Lincoln’s sermon this morning and seeing 1:3-11 underlined with “CBSP 2010” next to it.
  • Being challenged to be more intentional in my relationship with the Lord.
  • Answered prayers in being more confident of my future direction.
  • Remembering that this is just a season, and that this world is not my home.
  • My fabulous Pandora worship station.
  • Knowing that God is more interested in my heart than my history.

What are the little things that you’ve been blessed with?