March 10, 2011

Bernie-ing All Over the Beach

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So, as a result of the spontaneity of my last post, aka making the four hour trip up to Carolina Beach to spend some time with a few members of my wonderful project family, I have now learned a new dance.  Not only have I learned said dance, but I have since been posted on YouTube performing said dance.  So, I give to you, the CBSB (Carolina Beach Spring Break) CBSP version of Doin the Bernie…


March 8, 2011

Spontaneity, Summer Plans, Music Choices…

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So, I just spent a solid hour reading my Bible, listening to worship music, and writing in my journal.  I needed that mental break, and I hadn’t taken the time for it like I should have long before now.  It becomes evident when I’m filling page upon page with thoughts coming faster than I can write them down.  As I sent in a text to a friend in the midst of it, “for a person who took a year and a half to fill up her last, much smaller journal…grad school has made me a lot more contemplative.”  It’s true.  I get a lot more out of writing down my thoughts, both to myself and to God, than just letting them marinate inside my mind.

I’m currently on spring break, a week that I’ve been desperately needing since, oh, getting sick back in the beginning of February.  This semester has just been killer with school and work, though I’m excited about some things that are going on.  I attended my first Annual Conference on the First-Year Experience with my office, had a great time with the six other lovely grads in our “Super GA office,” and took away some good information.  Our new study groups initiative is moving at a snails’ pace, but we’re finally at the place of pitching it to students (whoops…note to self, MUST. DO. TOMORROW.) and meeting with them next week.  I’m praying that we have students show up!  Classes are classes, but I just ended an AMAZING practicum experience working with academic advising and was more assured than ever that that is where my heart lies in this crazy profession of higher education & student affairs.

I began this break with oh, so many intentions of being super productive and getting ahead in work and school so that the second half of the semester would be less stressful and hectic than the first.  Well, at least I had good intentions, right?  Instead, I’m spending a little time in the office tomorrow morning (sending those study group emails…) and then leaving early tomorrow afternoon for Carolina Beach to see some of my lovely summer project family.  While the responsible part of me is FREAKING OUT and screaming, “absolutely not,” every other fiber of my being knows that I need some time with them for my own sanity’s sake.  So…I’m going.

Plans are also starting to come together for the end of the semester/beginning of my summer.  My last official day of my first year of grad school is May 6, part of which will be spent celebrating the hooding of some fabulous second-years that I will miss dearly.  I’ll be driving back to Missouri the 7th, with an overnight stay in Kentucky that night.  The 8th-12th I’ll be in Missouri getting my car inspected and licensed, spending time with family, hopefully catching up with friends.  Then it’s back to Kentucky for the 13th and 14th to, again, hopefully catch up with some friends I haven’t seen in a year (entirely too long…do y’all hear me?  MAKE. PLANS. NOW.)  Afterward, it’s back to South Carolina to start my internship, do some more ACE coaching, and try to relax a tad bit.  I would also like to sprinkle in some lying by the pool, reading books that are not for school (though apparently D.P. will give us a summer book list…haha), and making it to the beach.  Oh, and blogging much more than I have so far this semester…haha.

I’ll close with two songs that have been either playing on repeat or speaking to me lately.  The first we sang in church a couple of weeks ago, and it’s been stuck on repeat ever since.  The second is one I found earlier this semester and came across again today and it’s just been ministering to me in my quiet time tonight.  I hope y’all enjoy them.