January 11, 2011

Snow Days = Organization Projects

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:07 pm by Katie

Well, here in South Carolina, Mother Nature decided we should have a blast of winter.  The hype had been coming all weekend, with everything essentially shutting down Sunday night before the snow even started.  However, I woke up Monday morning around 4:30 to legit “thundersnow” – yes, my friends, it was thundering and snowing all at once, haha.  All in all, there were about four inches of snow with another quarter inch of ice on top.

Monday’s snow day found my roommate and I doing homework and reading for class.  With another snow day today, I decided to tackle an organizational project that had been brewing since before the break – my desk in my bedroom.

The desk before…eek.

I’m one of those people who cleans the entire apartment and moves stuff to my room, so by the time I get there, I’m more prone to just throw stuff down in the general area where it’s supposed to be, i.e., my desk.  So, what better way to spend my snow day than making some sense of that mess, haha.

After…much better!

End result?  Much more organized, calm desk…and a picture of the bubble screensaver I love so much, haha.

Back to work tomorrow, albeit on a 2.5 hour delay, haha.  Stay warm, everyone!



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  1. nawanke said,

    i have heard about thunder during a snow storm before-but i doubted it until i read your blog. hahaha. i am impressed with your desk-i remember what your organizational skills looked like this summer 🙂 woof.

    you seem to be doing so well down there in SC. you know, you are not too far from us. we should plan a day trip to meet up for a meal and shopping or something? that would be cool.

    enjoy the snow, if any, that you have left. i miss you sweet friend.

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