October 3, 2010

Think working is some kind of punishment?

Posted in Spirituality tagged , , at 2:27 pm by Katie

I’m currently doing a study on Ruth through a women’s Bible study at my church here in South Carolina.  I just love the way this study is laid out.  As I told my friend Allison last night, “It’s a Bible study with recipes…how perfect is that?”  Yep, that’s the family and consumer sciences in me.

Anyway, I was just working on the study, and I came across an interesting truth from Genesis:

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” Genesis 2:15

Pretty straightforward.  God set Adam down in the Garden of Eden and said, “Here you go.  Here’s your place of work.  Tend this land.”  However, what struck me was this comes before Genesis 3, which, in my study Bible, is headed “The Fall of Man,” and is where all our ugly sin gets started.  Kelly Minter, in this study on Ruth, gives this prompt:

Since the institution of work was in motion before Adam and Eve sinned, what does this tell us about God’s creation of work?

How easy is it for us to just think that whatever job we have, whatever task we’re given, is some sort of punishment, especially if we’re in a position we’re unhappy with?  I know I’ve gone there in my thoughts.  I must have really messed up somewhere along the way if I’m having to do X, Y, or Z.

But work wasn’t created as punishment for sin.  Work was in God’s plan all along.  I put it this way in my response to that prompt, “God’s plan wasn’t just for us to play in the garden all day.  There was and is work to be done!”

So, take delight in whatever work you’ve been given and know that it is another means of serving the Lord, no matter how menial or unglamorous or boring the task may be.

By the way, the study is called Ruth: Love, Loss, and Legacy.  And it has recipes.  Aka…it’s a win.


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