July 24, 2010

Just random thoughts…

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:10 pm by Katie

And so, the summer has (basically) ended.  It’s back to semi-normal life, except this sort of normal is completely new and unknown to me.

I left Clearwater Beach on Thursday to come here, to Columbia, SC, to start this new journey in my life.  For the next two years, I’ll be a grad student at USC, learning all there is to know about higher education and student affairs.  I’ll be a grad assistant for academic success initiatives in university housing.  I’ll be living in a nice new apartment with a new roommate who will be going through the same program with me.  I’ll be crazy busy, mostly broke, and hopefully loving every second of it.

It’s so weird to think about how life changes in an instant.  I don’t think I ever would have guessed that I would be in the position I am right now, this very second of my life.  But the comforting thing is to know that God has known all along that He would place me right here, right in this moment.  Even when things are new and scary and hard, it’s definitely a comfort to know that God has placed me here for some reason, some purpose, some way to bring glory to His name.

I think this summer just strengthened that idea in me, that faith in an all-powerful God.  Because this summer I had to lean on Him pretty hard.  I was frustrated with Him, mad at Him, and had absolutely no idea why He was doing certain things in my life (or wasn’t).  I had to trust that He would provide, that He would take care of me when things were looking bleak.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard several people close to me say that they just knew I was glad to be in SC and have some sense of routine and normalcy return to life, that they knew this summer was hard for me.  But as much as I try to explain it, they don’t understand that leaving Clearwater was probably the hardest part of the entire summer.  Leaving the people who had become so, so dear and close to me in just a matter of two months.  Leaving the places that had become home, the roads that had become familiar, and the beautiful sandy beach that had become an escape.  Yes, I’m excited about this new adventure in my life, but I will never, ever forget the two months I spent in Clearwater Beach, FL during the summer of 2010.

It’s a beautiful, wonderful, amazing thing – being a child of God.  It hurts when people don’t understand or discount it to something it’s not.  But I’m constantly reminded that it’s part of my job to try and help people understand, help people realize how amazing this life truly is.  How blessed am I to know this amazing truth, this amazing story of love and grace and mercy, and to be able to share it with the nations.

I said this a lot before leaving Kentucky, and even some while I was on project, but it’s true – I’m excited to be here, starting this new adventure in South Carolina, and to be on this journey as a Christian.  I feel like it was really hard, becoming a Christian my senior year of college, because a lot of people had a lot of expectations for the person I “should” be – the person they’d seen before.  Here, it’s a new start.  Yes, I still have my past and junk in my heart, but at least now I can use those things that God has woven into my life to bring glory to Him and the new life He’s given me.  I’ve seen that even in just talking with people on the beach this summer.  God has already used my story to help me connect with complete strangers, so I’m really excited to see what He has planned for people that I am already close to.

I feel like this blog post is all over the place, haha.  Probably because I was just about to go to bed and then felt like I had too many thoughts on my mind.  I’m also about to write another post…so yeah, I should probably wrap it up.  Pictures of the new apartment to come soon =)

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