June 14, 2010

“For greater things have yet to come & greater things are still to be done in this city…”

Posted in CBSP at 3:06 am by Katie

So, I apologize for the lack of blog updates for a bit.  It’s been a crazy past week, and I feel like whenever I have free time, I don’t want to be on my computer, haha.
On the job front – God has definitely shown himself to be so faithful this past week.  We started out the week with 25 or 27 students without jobs, and now we are down to just 5.  This week, staff members went out hunting with us, and we just really changed our heart about searching for jobs, and the Lord definitely provided.  I still don’t have a job – I’m one of the fab five, haha.  I had two interviews this week, but they didn’t pan out.  However, I have an interview at Things Remembered at the mall tomorrow at 2.  The manager had called Shelby (one of the girls here on project) about wanting to hire her, but Shelby got a job this week.  So, she called her back and said that she knew of someone that had retail experience (thank you, EKU Bookstore, haha).  Basically, I ran out there before 5 (this was around 4-4:15), met with the manager, picked up an application, and was told to bring it back to an interview Monday…as in, I haven’t even filled it out yet.  So, it definitely sounds promising, and I’m hopeful that I will have a job soon!  But, continued prayers for myself and the other four students without jobs would be much appreciated!
As far as project life…it seems crazy that this was our fourth Sunday here!  It was our fourth Sunday at Grace, the church we’re attending, and Pastor Randy has been doing a series on the book of Esther.  I just love Pastor Randy, haha.  He cracks me up, and I love how he just always has a great message every week…and how he likes to pick on us Crusade students, lol.  His sermons have been great so far, and I’m glad I still have many more to hear!
Last night, we had the “Argh, Shake Your Booty Ninja/Pirate Dance Party.”  As in…we all dressed like pirates and ninjas.  Yes, I was a ninja.  It was hysterical and a blast…and we danced for about 3 hours straight, haha.  PS – according to SparkPeople, that’s around 2,000 calories.  Just saying.  However, we were all a struggle at church this morning, lol.  Sadly, those pirates/pi-rats won the games section…but let’s face it, ninjas are still cooler 😉  I also learned that Mr. Eric Rodgers himself knows all the words to Gettin’ Jiggy With It and is somewhat of a Will Smith fanatic, and I made Jenna’s jaw drop with my rapping of Live Your Life…thank you, Allison Bullins, for your great teaching and many practice sessions in LaRocko, haha.  I’ll try to make some pics appear soon – I didn’t take any because everyone was doing such a great job taking them, so I’ll stalk some off Facebook and post them with due credit, lol.
This week’s evangelism event was different than our usual – go out on the beach with Solariums and get into conversations – method.  We put up two sandwich boards with four questions on the beach so that people could write their thoughts on them.  The four questions were, “Who is God?  What is love?  Who is Jesus?  What is the purpose of life?”  I think it went pretty well, even though I feel like I’m a lot more effective at just straight-up initiative evangelism – which is so weird, because I’ve learned so much and just gotten so much better at that in the short time I’ve been here.  If you would’ve told me four weeks ago that I would be completely fine going up to random people on the beach and engaging in spiritual conversations with them, I would have told you you were cray cray (that’s for you, project friends…aka crazy for the rest of the world, lol).  But it’s just become so EASY.  The hardest part for me is actually picking a person, but after that, it’s not at all hard to initiate and get into conversation.  Now, I just have to get better at talking to people I actually know…about that, lol.
Well, I need to hop off here, eat some dinner, and get ready for our ministry team meeting and praise and worship on the beach…by far one of the neatest and most fabulous things about this project.  Hopefully, the next time I post I’ll be employed, haha.
Love you all!

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