June 3, 2010

Just job hunting…

Posted in CBSP at 5:50 pm by Katie

So, the job hunt continues.  It’s kind of frustrating just because we don’t really know where to look.  We kind of feel like we’ve canvased everything.  Today I called back Torrid and Lane Bryant at the mall, where I dropped off applications on Monday.  Torrid said they’d already called back everyone they wanted for interviews (aka not me, lol), and Lane Bryant said they weren’t looking at applications until next week – Sarah said she heard next Wednesday.  I’m also CraigsList-ing like it’s my job…which it kind of is right now, lol.  But I think today I’m gonna take a break in a couple of hours and head to the beach for a little bit before family dinners & women’s time tonight.

Somehow, my team won the scavenger hunt Saturday night…now, don’t ask us how because we didn’t find hardly any of the staff, but we did finish everything on the list, haha.  So, I am now the owner of a sweet, bright yellow Rita’s shirt…you know you’re jealous 😉  Some of us girls had girl talk at McDonald’s, complete with $1.00 sundaes and sweet tea, after our weekly meeting on Monday, and that was a lot of fun – yay for girl talk with Chelsea, Morgan, Amber, Logan, and Katlyn…yes, we were all in Chelsea’s car, haha.

Tuesday night I had my first dship time with Lindsey, which was a lot of fun.  I feel like Lindsey and I are very similar, so we have a lot of good conversations.  We went to the motel office to do Solarium with one of the property managers, Jill, but then just ended up getting into a really good spiritual conversation with her.  She is a very involved Jehovah’s Witness, so it was interesting to see where our beliefs were similar and where they differed.  Then, Tuesday night was our first personal reflection night.  While I really wanted to go to the beach, I figured I would get distracted by the amazing sunset, so I opted for the sun deck here at the motel.  I will say – a 2.5 hour date with Jesus can be kind of hard.  I did really well for the first hour and a half, and then I was just like, “Lord…I’m TIRED.  It’s 8:45.  I’ve been up all day trying to job search.  My eyes are crossing from doing applications on the computer all day.  The last thing I want to do is sit up here and spend another hour reading and such.”  So, I really just kind of sat up there, looked up at the stars, and just tried to put myself back into perspective.

I turned to Ecclesiastes by sheer chance and got to 3:1-8 (which I was going to put in here, but this is not playing nice, haha).  But basically, my thoughts turned to the fact that this is just a season.  Yes, I don’t have a job, and yes, this is frustrating and irritating and all those words, but this too will pass.  God will provide just as he always has before.  So, I’m trying not to be frustrated and just trusting in the fact that it will all be okay.

So now, I’m hanging out in the lounge (where I can use my computer + get internet + watch Mizzou softball) CraigsListing away.  I get to watch Daniel and Mikel’s girls tomorrow night, which I’m really excited about  because they’re pretty much fabulous.  I’m planning on going to the beach here after a while since I haven’t been since Sunday…eek.

So, for now just prayers for jobs for ALL of us would be appreciated.  Prayers for support would also be appreciated – it’s all due on June 30 and I’m still pretty short.

Love you all =)


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