May 31, 2010

“This will be a good blog post!” – Kristin

Posted in CBSP at 8:12 pm by Katie

The title refers to Kristin’s response when we found out our fate today…haha.  We had all worked Thursday and Friday, but we didn’t have a schedule for this week.  So, we had called Oksana, our boss, to ask her about the schedule.  She didn’t answer, but she called Logan back Sunday night around 10 and asked her to come in at 10 this morning and then to have the rest of us come in at 10:30.  In my heart, I felt like this was going to be bad news…and it was.  Basically, she just said that she couldn’t give us all hours and that she had to let all of us go (minus Logan).  So, Erin, Kristin, Katie and I are all on the job hunt once again.  There are still a LOT of us on project that don’t have jobs yet, so just keep us all in your prayers as we continue to go out and hunt.  Several of the people who thought they had jobs at Surf Style were also let go last night, so it’s definitely a hard time at the moment.  Katie, Erin, Katlyn and I all went out to the mall today to try and apply, so I turned in applications at Torrid and Lane Bryant.

It’s not all bad news though!  Friday was our free night, and a bunch of people cooked out, which was fun and yummy.  Then, we just kinda hung out…played Apples to Apples, went to the beach, etc.

Saturday was our day to do our first outreach project on the beach.  We planned to go out starting at 1 with Solarium to try and get into spiritual conversations.  However, right as we were planning to go out, the rain started, and we had about an hour of thunderstorms.  But it was still good because it allowed us some time to practice with one another.  Then, we went out at 2:30 to try again.  Susie and I went together and talked to three girls from (where else) Kansas…as in, from Lawrence where KU is, haha.  They had just finished their junior year of high school and were down on vacation with one of their moms.  We went through Solarium with them, and they all had really good responses to the questions.  It transitioned really easily into the KGP (Knowing God Personally), but they were getting ready to go inside, so we didn’t get a chance to go through it with them.  But we exchanged contact information, and I am hoping and praying that they would call before they leave on Thursday.

Friday night we went on a crazy scavenger hunt of Clearwater.  It was so much fun, even though I was crazy sandy and wet by the end of it.  But it was finished off with mango AND the coveted strawberry Ritas Italian ice – delish!

Memorial Day traffic really hit on Sunday when we went to church and then came back after hitting up Target for food.  Last night was our first Praise and Worship on the beach, which was absolutely amazing!  And then came all the job craziness today, haha.

So, I’m about to work on more online applications and hopefully something will come through!  As always, I’m still short on support, so if you’d like to contribute – PLEASE let me know =)

Love you all!

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