May 29, 2010

First day of work & sunset pics

Posted in CBSP at 3:42 pm by Katie

This place continues to just blow me away.  I love, love, love it…so much =)

Yesterday was my first day of work.  I was at the Surf Style in Treasure Island, which is about 30-45 minutes away.  It’s a super nice store, and the people are all really friendly, so I didn’t mind being so far away at all.  However, it was VERY slow…I only did like 4 hennas and another body ink tattoo.  But, I did get into some really good conversations!  A guy named Jeremy came up and was asking me about what I was doing, why I was just there for the summer, etc.  I told him about CRU and our project, and he was just so impressed that we were down here for the whole summer spreading the Word and do outreach.  He asked my name, put his hand on my shoulder, and said he was going to go out to his car right then and pray for all of us.  I asked if he had any prayer requests, and then he shared that he was recovering from a stroke and had had memory loss, some trouble with movement, etc.

The other good conversation I had was with a gentleman who was getting a henna to fake out his daughter, haha.  They were in from Indiana, and when I asked why, he shared that his father (or father-in-law…I forget) had had open heart surgery, but that he was doing well and giving all the nurses a hard time…reminds me of my grandpa and my dad, haha.

I came back and we cooked out as a project – thanks to Kristy, Allison, Nicole, and whoever else went to go get the food and the boys for cooking it!  Afterwards, a bunch of us went to the beach for the sunset…it was the first time I was there for the entire thing, and it was just amazing!  Pictures are posted on Facebook, and here’s the link:

Here’s a sneak preview:


Today we are doing our first outreach on the beach using Solarium.  I’m really excited to get out there – plus it’s kinda cloudy, so it’s not super hot yet, haha…considering we’ll be out there for an hour and a half.  Then we have some sort of secret community group thing tonight…haha.

Love you all & I’ll keep updating as I can…this post brought to you by Chelsea’s mac =)


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